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Oil Free Silent Air Compressor
           High technology industries demand higher quality air To meet the exacting standards of industry,AirHorse company has developed an outstanding range of DWT series oil free screw air compressor The oil free screw air compressors are not only oil-free,but also oil less as they contain no oil at all. Built with the care and attention to detail that sets all Dwt series oil free screw air compressors apart from the competition,all models are factory tested before shipment.

Completely oil free, 100% reliability.
 There is no lubricant in the air end and the compressed air will never be polluted even the air end breaks down We promise if the compressed air is polluted in this case, we will bear the expenses caused by the pollution. Dry oil free air end: gear box, cooler need lubricate oil which is separated from the compressing chamber by sealing. The compressed air is easily to be polluted if the sealing is damaged. And also the maintenance cost is very high.

Isotherm compression, exhaust temperature 50oC.

Purified water is functioned for sealing, lubricating and cooling, the exhaust temperature is s50 C. Thus, all spare parts operate at the normal temperature


Design without shaft sealing guarantee no oil leakage

+ Less vibration and lower noise

+ Reasonable structure

+ Ideal balanced force.

High volumetric efficiency, energy saving

DWT water injected screw air end volumetric efficiency up to 95%, general oil free screw air compressor only reach 80%. The DWT compressor air production 15% more than the general oil free screw air compressor

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