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The High Effective and functioning of AirHorse series cooling type dryer

How the dryers works?The dryer is in fact divided into three systems heat exchanging,refrigeration and electric control system. Compressed air enters the air-air or air-water precooler for removing heat content,then it enters the air or air heat exchanger and being cooled down to a lower temperature After it enters the evaporator, the air to refrigerant heat reduce the air temperature down to 2-5 C(Dew point temp) the will be condensed into liquid which will be separated by separator and be drained off by the solenoid drain valve ln the mean time low temperature air passes through the air to air heat exchanger,then goes application after reaching designed temperature.

strong cooling ability

power supply refrigeration media compressor which can pre-cool it and exchange the heat and refrigerate again; therefore the air will 30% more than dryer than any other factory products

High seperation effection

High effective separator which can filtrate more than 99% of the water,oil and the solid inpurty in the compressed air

Water outlet stable and reliable
Adopting the electron to outlet water

Water outlet stable and reliable Adopting the electron to outlet water automatically using valve and metal netting and its specially holding water method ensuring the reliability the water outlet

+ High Inlet temperature

With the pre-cooling system, using thickest copper heat-exchanging spare parts, could take up to 80 degrees hot air

Low limitation temperature

Using the high functioning evaporation system, itcould make the heat-exchange in large scale, and ensure the long staying and thorough heat-exchanging of the compressed air in the evaporation system. And also make the more compressed air into water and drying it.

+ Automatic controlling

High effective refrigeration system which automatically control, adjusting high or low temperature and never stop working. It could always maintain the best performance.
+  Stable functioning
Combination of Japanese Denmark and other famous brand accessories to ensure the product is maintained high quality

The Flow Chart
1.Refrigeration Compressor
2. Refrigeration High voltage Meter
3-Air-cooling condenser
4 water-cooling condenser
5 Repair Valve
6 Filling Valve
7 Dry Filter
8. Eleceromagnetic Valve
9 Refrigeration Window
10 Expansion Valve
11 Capillary
12 Hot Air Bypass Valve
13 Steamer
14 Air Moisture Separator
15 Air thermal Exchanger
16 Liquid-Air Separator
17 Air-cooling Prepositive cooler
18 Water-cooling Prepositive Breaker
19 High Voltage Protective Breaker
20 Pressure Control switch
21 Auto Drain
22 Cooling Water Filter
23 water Volume Adjustment Valve
24. Excessive High Pressure Safety Load-releasing Valve
25 Air Entry Pressure Meter
26 Air Exit Pressure Meter
27 Refrigeration Low-puessure Meter


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